Understanding Frequency Separation | Newborn & Family Photographers – at https://TianaCreation.com

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March 23, 2020
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Understanding Frequency Separation | Newborn & Family Photographers – at https://TianaCreation.com

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Are you offended by the ‘F’ word? Do you shudder at the ‘S’ word?

Frequency Separation in photoshop can seem a little daunting to begin with but, once you understand how it works, you are able to open up a whole new bag of photoshop tricks and take your skin editing to the next level. In this video, I explain how you can create your very own frequency separation layers and (most importantly) help you understand a little about how they work.

As a newborn photographer, you are sometimes presented with challenging skin edits. We shoot for sharpness and though this is stunning for eye lashes and other precious details, the camera also picks up and amplifies any temporary spots, wounds, flakes and scratches on baby’s delicate skin. These are *very* temporary blemishes, sometimes cropping up on the day of the session and fading the next day and every newborn will have some degree of acne, scratched skin or red blotches. This is all part of being a brand new little human adjusting to the outside world. Washing powder, dry air, temperature changes, lotions, you name it, so many factors can affect babe’s precious skin those first weeks.

These blemishes are likely to not be particularly noticeable in normal daylight, on a mobile phone snap or when baby is out swaddled in the pram – but add in a professional shooting environment and a still moment captured in time and BAM, all the little spots suddenly appear a lot more prominent.

The secret to newborn skin editing is not to over-do it. It’s so easy to get carried away and not know when to stop. I recommend using Frequency Separation toward the end of your edit, once everything else is taken care of. I’d recommend never starting off an edit with fixing the skin, this will be incredibly time consuming and can lead to an over-smoothed, over-edited portrait. Fix the light, white balance, background etc first.


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