TOP 5 MISTAKES that New Newborn Photographers Make || Newborn photography posing tutorials – at

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June 23, 2020
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June 25, 2020
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TOP 5 MISTAKES that New Newborn Photographers Make || Newborn photography posing tutorials – at

Newborn Photography is a roller coaster of learning and trial and error. Learning how to avoid mistakes that new newborn photographers make will help you get ahead of the game!
Watch this video entirely to benefit from learning how to avoid the top 5 biggest mistakes that so many don’t even realize they are making!

Don’t be THAT photographer that doesn’t even realize they are making these very noticeable errors.

Check out my other videos about editing workflow in photoshop as well as different posing techniques!

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  1. How do you know its correctly exposed? Sometimes my camera LCD screen lies to me ..

  2. Your video is quite informative and different from others. I liked it a lot!!

  3. David Gitton says:

    Hello thank you so much for all these videos, it’s great! How do you get on your device screen the brightness that appears on the baby’s head? Is it like an overexposure alert?

  4. Do you notice a big difference between using and not using the baby shusher?

  5. Marii Mir says:

    What lens do you use for inside?

  6. Marii Mir says:

    I’ve looked at sooooo many NB videos and you’re by far the best! So informative and responsive. Thank you!

  7. With the Canon camera you use is now discontinued…is there another you can recommend? Thanks!

  8. Nice video. But did Darth Vader record the video?

  9. Anel Franco says:

    Hi. what kind of fabric is the first wrap? or How can i find it? thanks

  10. That sounds like the baby shusher in the background haha

  11. Where is the flash placed ? I see the soft box and the light from the flash. Where is the flash(speed light) placed. Or is it a strobe light with model light?

  12. Sonrie Smile says:

    Do you think the 50mm 2.0 could do the job?

  13. 就是狮子 says:

    I LOVE all your pictures and how nice and generous of you sharing all your experiences to all of us. BEST WISHES to you

  14. A. S. says:

    Amazing work! What lighting do you use?

  15. 70% of informations are in high lights and very high lights ! that's the reason why digital pictures must be taken with RAW files and over exposed about +1,33 stop

  16. stella koga says:

    Nice. What lighting u have?

  17. Great content! What lens are you using?

  18. Hey what is your light normal setting for studio newborn session ?

  19. Nice tutorial. Thanks.
    Any indications about the level oh the ISO you used or the speedlight settings ?

  20. Gina Duff says:

    Thank u so much for this video. Now I know why I got the dark line when I use the studio light. 😆👍🏼
    Love the right angles tips. 🤗👍🏼😘

  21. I’m working on angles at the moment and specific poses. You make the basket one look so easy!! For some reason I feel like the babies are going to fall off so I put them further in the bucket and don’t end up getting a nice angle😫

  22. oksanamink says:

    Ahhh i used to shoot the forehead. Such a good tip

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