PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS | Introduction to Newborn – at

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June 22, 2020
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PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS | Introduction to Newborn – at

Learn to shoot beautiful Newborn Baby Portraits in the with top UK Newborn photographer Elli Cassidy. Elli guides you through the basic preparation and skills you need to know when getting started, as well as sharing some of her personal tips and tricks she’s picked up through her own shooting.

In this film Elli talks you through what Newborn photography actually is and why you should be shooting in. She then walks you through the preparation that helps to guarantee a great session for both you and the clients. Along with the basics of equipment and the studio, preparing the client is essential so that the baby and parents are relaxed and comfortable, which will make the session run much more smoothly and successfully.

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  1. This was a great video, thanks for sharing

  2. I actually needed to see such a great video. I really found some valuable tips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mom Gurung says:

    Very useful video. Thanks

  4. cosmo ianiro says:

    what is a dummy? sorry i am not a dad and never done newborn photography , very good video it shows that your passionate at what you doing

  5. Excellent video but now I want more! Thank you! 😄

  6. Hello,can canon 1dx mark ii record 120fps via hdmi output?plz plz help me with that information.

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