Newborn Photography Wrapping Techniques – at

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March 6, 2019
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March 7, 2019
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Newborn Photography Wrapping Techniques – at

Lorna Kirkby Photography presents a newborn photography wrapping tutorial.

(This video was made for my private Facebook group of past workshop attendees)


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  1. Hi i was wandering what type of material you use? and when you do these photos do you leave diaper on or off?

  2. Wow, thank you so much.  Subscribed.

  3. Talya Elk says:

    Thank you so much!!! Beautiful wrap!

  4. Which store can I get the baby doll am from Nigeria

  5. sealy the best tutorial I've seen. and a good wrap too. because if you do it like this you can also release those little feets without messing up the whole nice wrap

  6. Hanh Dinh says:

    Thank you for your tutorials they are very professional. You deserve more likes and subscribers. Please make more videos

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this…helps a lot ♥

  8. Trop nul je préfère les vrai

  9. Awesome! Thank you! Which brand is this baby? I would like to get one.

  10. Best tutorial yet for me! Thanks for sharing.

  11. J Russell says:

    Where can I buy your tutorials

  12. J Russell says:

    Love your video, ty

  13. is this a special doll for this?!!!  I've never seen a doll that's bendable like that! where did you get it?

  14. would love to see more videos from u. looks good

  15. Thank you! I would love to see a few more wraps if you find the time! So glad to find this video

  16. Max Stengel says:

    Thank you for the video!What are the dimensions of the wrap?

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