Newborn Photography Wrap Tutorial 3 || Newborn Photography posing for beginners 2019 – at

Como hacer Wrapping (envoltorio) en Fotografia de Recien Nacidos – Newborn Photography – at
July 5, 2020
how pose newborn baby in bucket photography tutorial – at
July 7, 2020
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Newborn Photography Wrap Tutorial 3 || Newborn Photography posing for beginners 2019 – at

Thanks for tuning in! Welcome to the 3rd video Newborn photography posing techniques for beginner photographers. This video shares how to successfully wrap a newborn in the potato pose and then using a prop.

This is 3 part series, and this is the 3rd of the 3 videos. Please tune in by subscribing to the channel as well as hitting the notification bell.

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  1. Beautiful! What is the size of the wrap?

  2. thank you for your video, it helped me a lot.

  3. Can I ask you what's the best way to find baby's to practice photography on.

  4. kadi bell says:

    What is the name of that piece at the top of the camera. In the flash place ??

  5. Kaylene Roth says:

    Where did you buy your flooring? Did you make your own knitted squares? Where did you get that stringy burlap you have on the ground? Where could I buy the diffuser and cactus?

  6. Morgan Hicks says:

    Beautiful! Where do you get those wraps from?

  7. Saher Kidwai says:

    also please may I know where that cheesecloth wrap and hat is from, thanks

  8. Saher Kidwai says:

    love your videos, please do a video on lighting and its placement

  9. Krista Lantz says:

    Thank you sooooo much for your videos! I love them!!
    A couple questions if you don’t mind. What setting is your light at? And where did you get your wood?

  10. so beautiful.. More videos please :*

  11. Loving your videos, so good to see it in action, thank you!

  12. Hi , i love your work ❤❤ l have a recuest for a videu which shows or explains to us the workflow for a newborn photo session and how to adjust our workflow with how the baby feels like if it is a really unsattled baby how we should work with hem or her so we come out with the amount of photos that we want without takeing more time than a regular session , I hope my request is clear for you 😊

  13. Can you do a lighting / camera settings video?!? 🙂

  14. Loving all your videos! Very helpful! Keep posting videos 😍❤❤

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