NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS 👶 How to take Photos of a Baby – at

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April 11, 2019
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April 12, 2019
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NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS 👶 How to take Photos of a Baby – at

Do you want to take photos of your newborn baby? Take these tips!
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Thanks to Marcel, Huyen and Julia for beeing guests in my video! 🙂



Camera and Edit: Miles Homfeldt
Production and Director: Benjamin Jaworskyj
Easy learn Photography with Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj

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  1. Thanks to Marcel, Huyen and Julia for beeing guests in my video! 🙂 About which topic I should make a video as well?

  2. Madeline Gee says:

    LMAO that is sooo true!!! I want a camera cause I have a child now 😂😂😂😂

  3. The PAW says:

    Bounce the light if using flash with a baby if needed or use flash through a diffuser for baby photography if you don't have enough natural lighting

  4. Warum nicht mehr deutsch ?

  5. Pls in german 😂😂❤️

  6. Elektro Dude says:

    I like babies especially since I got two of them 😉

  7. I worked for Photos Unlimited at Walmart for about 7 months. They didn't really train me very well, and I was meant to remember codes more than learn photography. When we had newborns come in, I struggled. I was expected not to touch the child, and keep the parents from getting involved. Those didn't work well together. 😥

  8. sanju b says:

    Which continuous lights have you used ?

  9. es wäre schön wenn es das Video auch auf deutsch geben würde. mein Englisch ist nicht so gut ^^ 😛

  10. Did you diffuse the windows with something??

  11. joelwylde says:

    Thanks for the tips

  12. Según Micha says:

    I like babies jajajaj

  13. Gyurka Tibor says:

    Hi Benjamin:) I love your work
    Thank you for the great ideas and the vision you see the world! Best Regards,Tibor

  14. How To Do says:

    you r so brilliant about photography,
    I like it

  15. Brooke Alexa says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m expecting my third child and have bought my first canon dslr so I’m looking forward to trying out newborn photography. I’ve used flash when photographing my older two as babies and it didn’t harm their eyes. Babies are more sensitive to light in comparison to a child and adult so maybe using flash is not the best when they are awake and looking into the camera. I’m not a doctor though so no one should quote me.

  16. Cute video of the baby.

  17. Lutch Media says:

    Which softbox did you use?

  18. That's a great subject to deal with.
    My wife is pregnant too ..and I will also try these tips.. with my point and shoot one

  19. Your Videos are very interesting..!! love your works.. Keep it up your good works.. Good luck..!!

  20. Sean Sankey says:

    Ooooohhhhh… ACCESSORIES!! I get it now… to be fair that’s a tough word for a non native speaker…. (axe-sess-or-ees) Killer video man and a big help for me to photograph our 5 day old daughter… ps. So true that I bought a camera last year because of 1) a vacation to Singapore and 2) the upcoming arrival of little Phoebe 😉

  21. とても勉強になりました。良かったです。

  22. I would like to work with bro..
    You are awesome

  23. I like Babies!!!!!! In fact, I just had a baby!! Which is exactly why I bought my new canon camera and now all I want to do is take pictures!!! I love photography and I am learning so much! Like many new moms, i now want to be a photographer and make lots of money!!! Thank you for all your content!! It's amazing and you are beautiful!!! Happy new year!

  24. JASPER ISAAC says:

    As you told to make more babies ….. I'like babies

  25. TIP 4: please use a camera strap wrapped around your wrist when photographing babies. God forbid if the camera were to slip out of your hand, it's going to injure the baby.

  26. I was confused about the word 'Accessoires' till you put it on the screen at the end 🙂 Greate video. Thank you

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