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June 20, 2020
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June 22, 2020
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Newborn Photography Lighting Tutorial || 2019 series – at

So many misconceptions on lighting and placement.
This video shows you one way to use ONE light in the correct placement. It’s important that you watch the SET UP video before you watch this video.
Correct Placement of your light, correct equipment, proper white balance and correct exposure mean EVERYTHING. If you don’t start with the correct set up you will not achieve the desired results.
Notice how this video shows you where to look for the light on the newborns face.

It’s also showing you how to make sure the baby’s face is lifted up towards the ceiling rather than having his chin tucked under.

If you’ve like to know what equipment I’m using, here it is:
Canon Mark III:
Canon 50mm 1.4 lens:
Cactus Triggers:

Dog Bed (size large):

I also use an 86″ PLM from Paul C. Buff. The inside of it is silver and it has a white diffusion fabric on the front panel.
You also need a reverse light stand:
~Safety is always a top priority~
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  1. You’re awesome for sharing all your helpful info and tips. Really, god bless.

  2. Cuteness overload with this baby. Wow .

  3. DHILIP DP says:

    What is the sound on background on the video is that any thank

  4. Take Fragz says:

    Good video, could not stand the constant shush sound…

  5. Where do you get your stretchy wraps? I cant find them anywhere… Hobby lobby, Joannes, Craft warehouse….. Any tips?

  6. Lena Leite says:

    He is so cute making those baby sounds.

  7. Chelce Geron says:

    What is the OCF you are using?

  8. wat light ur using?? which will be suitable for if i buy in india

  9. NIcole Capps says:

    What lens are you using? My studio space is pretty limited as well. I do like my 35mm

  10. what is the type of light you use?

  11. I have my first newborn shoot coming up and this is extremely helpful. A new, thankful subscriber!

  12. kadi bell says:

    Is it umbrella or soft box light??

  13. kadi bell says:

    Could you give me camera setting please??

  14. kadi bell says:

    What is the name of lights you use??

  15. what size is the dog bed? 🙂

  16. C B says:

    Another incredible video! I feel so lucky to have found you! Can I ask what the glove is for that you wear? You are so calculated and methodical, I am sure its for something brilliant and I am so curious 🙂 Thanks again for all the amazing content, I feel super lucky to get to see your content!

  17. Zakeya says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I hated props because I could never get the lighting right. After watching I tried your tips and I see such a big difference. You have given me hope again lol. I wish I could show you my new progress. I don't know if you take suggestions but I would love to see the taco pose.

  18. do you use the 50mm F1.4 ? or an other ? Thanks for the video !

  19. james ramos says:

    Hi, what is that sound that's always playing and what brand of diffuser you used? Ty!

  20. Jacky Arnold says:

    Hello!! What size plm do you currently use?

  21. "and he agrees" 4:35 😂😘😘

  22. are you shooting these at 1.4f?

  23. mamilinda85 says:

    do you use a monolight or a speed light?

  24. Chao Xiong says:

    Beginner here so I have a couple questions: Would the 64 inch plm be big enough or do you absolutely recommend the 86 inch? And would either of these still diffuse enough light for family sessions or would that be dependent on the light kit instead? And what should I look for when purchasing the light spec-wise?

  25. Hi! Great video! Can you tell me please the lightnning settings?

  26. Gina Duff says:

    What is the wrap that you use for 2nd layer and the size please? Thank Ü

  27. Wendy says:

    Great video again, cant wait for the dogbed poses video.. I got mine dogbed yesterday 🤗

  28. Kirsten L says:

    Do you use an Einstein? If so, what are the settings? Will you be putting up any editing videos? I'd Love to see how you edited these images!

  29. What stand do you have on your light there? Do you find it's important to have the light s close to the floor as possible for this pose/shot?

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