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November 1, 2019
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November 3, 2019
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Newborn Photo Shoot! – at

Newborn Photo Shoot!
This video is of two days. The first is a couple of small clips from the day we took Zoie home. The next is a few days afters when we went to have Newborn & family photos taken. Zoie is a pretty easy baby so the shoot went really well. Enjoy!


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  1. Did you see her or him sung

  2. Adorable!! We love Zoie! ❤️😘

  3. Starla Jones says:

    7:148:16 So precious and cute. Wow such a wonderful gentle photographer. She did a lovely job. And the baby is ridiculously cute.

  4. Starla Jones says:

    6:28 The baby is not even crying with this nurse and she has things all over her because she very gentle.

  5. Starla Jones says:

    Poor baby she doesn't like you undressing her. But she has to get dresses, as long as it's done gently.

  6. Trista D says:

    sorry for spelling her name rong

  7. Trista D says:

    whats wrong with zoeys ear

  8. I caught that smile Zoie ❤️

  9. Jay Breezy says:

    So adorable look like a baby doll😍😍😍😊

  10. You look amazing and your baby is so cute I just want to reach through my screen and take her

  11. Soo… sweet this photo shoot makes me want another 25yrs… later!

  12. Lol… yeah take everything cause they charge you for everything..

  13. THE WADS says:

    So sweet!! Uh. Newborn faces! The photos are adorable!!

  14. Shea Scott says:

    I really like your lunch videos!! And your baby is precious OMG! Your kids are adorable

  15. You guys are the best YouTubers ever

  16. Hey I one quick question were did y'all get the pictures done at??

  17. TheZimm4 says:

    You look amazing mama! Pics are beautiful!

  18. Such a beautiful baby! The Photographer created beautiful vignettes of her! 😊

  19. Awww….how precious….god bless

  20. awesome holy says:

    zoie is so cute I'm happy cause MY name is ZOE as you THATS MY BABY THATS WHY SHE HA MY NAME LOL

  21. congratulation on the bundle of joy😊

  22. Abby Nwan says:

    Zoie is so adorable,. she looks so much like her oder sisters

  23. She is Beautiful.  Congrats again!!  =)

  24. I can't believe her skin is white

  25. Crochet Gal says:

    She's a beauty! Loved the photoshoot!

  26. Beautiful. Congratulations everyone. Love and Prayers.

  27. SOOOOOOOO CUTE! There's nothing like a new baby!

  28. Congrats! Zoie is beautiful!

  29. i believe your baby might have straight hair !

  30. Girlllllll, you just had a baby and you look absolutely FABULOUS!!

  31. Congratulations on your new bundle of Love… Zoie, is absolutely adorable!! She looks just like her Dad….

  32. Deirdre E. says:

    What a beautiful addition to your family.

  33. Kiin Yusuf says:

    CONGRAGULATIONS I PROBS SPELLED THaT RIGHT CUZ I AM TEN AND ON MY MOMS PHONE BUT YA… YOUR BABY IS ADORBES HOPE YOU GO BACK TO making lunch ideas for school soon I loved them so much love you house of meis

  34. lori frost says:

    Please post more pics of the baby from that shoot

  35. Awwww such beautiful pictures!!!

  36. Nissi J.C. says:

    People are asking the baby's name but you've literally said it 100000 times in the vlog sigh.

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