How to Retouch Newborn Baby Skin in Photoshop – at

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January 29, 2020
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January 31, 2020
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How to Retouch Newborn Baby Skin in Photoshop – at

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Welcoming a new life into the world is a profound moment that deserves to be captured and shared. In this tutorial, we cover some of the common traits of newborns and how to apply some light retouching in Photoshop to help them look their best. From adjusting red, blotchy areas to cleaning up dry, flaky skin, we’ll walk you through some techniques that anyone can learn to help capture memories that will last a lifetime.




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  1. Can anyone please tell me how to do this in the 2019 version of photoshop? What are the steps after you do the new adjustment layer in curves? The image does not load into a layer mask (3:42) and at that point I cannot follow this video. I'm trying to learn this, but in every tutorial my photoshop does not do what the old version does. It's very frustrating 🙁

  2. when i choose spot healing brush and a new layer it doesnt paint on i have to flatten and duplicate the background

  3. Ricci says:

    Thank you man!!! You are a machine…

  4. While the information and help is GREAT! I wish the images used for examples were a bit more extreme. This baby has VERY little that needs to be retouched and what he/she does it is SUPER hard to tell until the image is zoomed in on. Same for the example used for Frequency Separation (not that that tutorial was anytime lately, but it's an example of my point.)

  5. This technique can apply in a old man skin with Tinea versicolor?

  6. hina shahid says:

    your new look is nice

  7. Zwenni says:

    Aaron – great like always. I just miss the summaries in the end :-(. They used to b the reasons, I liked ur videos the most. If u kow the subject u can just jump there and a get a little refresh of ur memory. Any specific reason, u dont do them anymore?

  8. Aaron, could'nt we do that tiny imperfection with frequency separation thing

  9. سپاسگذلرم از این آموزشهای عالی ، واقعیت اینه که با آموزشهای تو دارم مهارت فتوشاپم رو بالا میبرم . باز هم سپاس

  10. Erin J says:

    I am following along, but when I change to the new layer to "paint" the skin (around 6:01), I am getting a desaturation rather than blending the skin tone.

  11. You DO NOT Photoshop perfection, cause that's what newborns are

  12. infundere says:

    I loved your new intro. Thank you Aaron!

  13. abdurion says:

    Aaron, You don't know how I'm improving after I found your channel
    I found the channel from Softbox vs Umbrella, and I liked your personality, checked the channel
    and I loved it more, keep it up Aaron and the team, you are great and deserve more!

  14. Darren Gad says:

    Aaron, I am a subscriber. Like this as I forgot the channels trick. Great idea. For flaky skin I saw a video using a masked version of dust & scratches filter. Just paint white over the affected areas. I tried it and highly recommend. It is all about time.

  15. tkpp says:

    Could you do more things like cars retouch for magazines etc, and retouch all kinds of products?

  16. Safa says:

    Did you wash your pen before touching the baby. Germs everywhere 😂.

  17. Great video but I'm the 87lb elephant in the room! Babies come in different skin colors with the same skin problems and my clientele is definitely different. What steps in this tutorial would be changed?

  18. What's the use of purchasing retouching 101-301 when you are slowly uploading everything in the package at YouTube??

  19. Maybe anyone know why i can't open from Russia?( i can only open it via anonimaizing service(( i want to join your pro tutorials but i can't because i can't open website(

  20. joe blow says:

    wouldn't it be easier to just use the adjustment brush in lightroom?

  21. Courier 28 says:

    "How to retouch newborn babies photos"
    '*touch newborn*'

  22. This was a nice tutorial… Can you pls tell me how can I make money using Photoshop.. actually I know many things about Photoshop thanks to your channel but I don't know how I can implement it for earning money.. Thank you:)

  23. FotoandFun says:

    Another great tutorial. Thank you 🙂

  24. Lando Walker says:

    imagine how cute PHLEARN was as a baby

  25. Tinderbox says:

    Don't make a habit of putting a red line at the bottom of the thumbnail. It conflicts with YouTube's "watched" indicator line and makes it appear that I've watched the video already.

  26. Luciano says:

    Muito legal. Obrigado.

  27. NO!! JUST FUCKING NO!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. Alex Vasile says:

    As always…fantabulous stuff!

  29. Do not retouch newborn Pictures. This Pictures are Memorys and to show someone how you looked as a Baby. Retouching is the complete wrong thing on Baby pictures…

  30. s weiss says:

    Super cool #Blendif
    would love to hear more about the Blend If option

    Thank's Aaron!!!❤️❤️❤️

  31. Global Baba says:

    That blend if tool and selection from channels is so awesome. Thank you phlearn. I need to collect some money for phlearn pro.

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