How I started my Photography Business – How did I become a Newborn and baby photographer? – at

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March 11, 2019
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How I started my Photography Business – How did I become a Newborn and baby photographer? – at

In this video I’m sharing how I started my photography business and how I became a Newborn and Baby photographer. I will also show videos and pictures of my old ( living room ) photo studios!

I’m a full-time photographer in the Netherlands and I’m planning on showing you a but more of my life as a photographer. Are you interested in photography? Are you looking for a free-online Photography course? Do you want to see the inside of a Photo Studio? Then please, watch my videos and subscribe to my channel!

I’m planning on sharing videos in which I show you my typical work-week as a photographer. I will give you tips & tricks concerning photography, photo shoots, backdrops, studio props, camera settings (iso, aperture, shutter speed, white balance), photoshoot outfits, photoshoot make-up etc.

Bedankt voor het kijken! Ik ben een full-time fotograaf in Nederland en ik wil je graag iets meer laten zien over mijn werk als fotograaf. Wil je meer weten over (digitale) fotografie? Wil je weten hoe een fotostudio er van binnen uitziet? Ben je op zoek naar een gratis online cursus fotografie? Kijk dan mijn videos en abonneer je op mijn kanaal. Ik zal videos maken over camera instellingen (iso, sluitertijd, diafragma, wit-balans), studio achtergronden, fotoshoot outfits, fotoshoot make-up enz.

If you are interested in photographing newborn babies yourself I would highly recommend you to first learn about photography in general. Master you camera, photograph in the Manual mode, learn about aperture, iso, shutter speed, white balance, light and composition. Take photos of your friends (adults or very patient older kids) and make sure you don’t have to think about your camera anymore when photographing babies. Learn about editing as well. Please, don’t experiment photographing Newborn babies without training. Attend a workshop by an experienced and professional photographer with an expertise in Newborn Photography. Learn about the anatomy of babies and invest in good quality cameras, lenses and props. Babies are extremely vulnerable and small and their safety and comfort should be your highest priority. Start with simple poses and make sure you know and understand that many ‘pinterest poses’ are composites. Please, don’t try this at home. If you want beautiful photos of your own Newborn Baby, I highly recommend you to hire a professional and experienced photographer who is trained and specialised in Newborn Photography.

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  1. you’re a huge inspiration. congratulations on all your accomplishments. may i ask where did you get the softbox?

  2. You can walk to your studio from your house? How convenient!

  3. You really know what i need! thanks for this very informative video! more power to you!

  4. You are so sweet to listen to and gorgeous photos! Your prices are low for your high quality photos, how do you make enough money?

  5. “Don’t start with newborns” 😂😂😂

  6. C Bishop says:

    Hello Fenna, you are such a joy to watch! One question for you, how long was the amount of time from when you started charging for your time as a new photographer to when you quit your job and went full time with photography? You are such an inspiration, I watch your channel all the time and want to thank you for all of your help 🙂

  7. I live in canada and i have a hard time pricing myself. I m dping family photography now. I want to appeal to not just the "richer" clientèle. I wamt to appeal to the single mom who works 2 jobs and wants family pictures. I wamt for everyone to be welcome. I wamt to be afordable. What would you recommend for me to do?. What formula do you use to price what you do?

  8. How do the parents pick out their color selections? Are you showing them samples?

  9. Pam Galloway says:

    I absolutely adorable your style of photography. You’re Studio is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey
    . Pammie from Chicago

  10. great , u gives me more hope for my job . thank you

  11. Photography is my greatest passion. I am a mom of two little girls, and have lost my corporate job while on maternity leave with my 2nd baby. You are my complete inspiration, helping me find the courage within myself to follow my passion as a career. Thank you for your videos!!!

  12. Neihal Aly says:

    I watch all your videos. Love them. Was wondering what you used to learn to edit? Like was it books or youtube or did you take a class?

  13. hey fenna loved your all videos ♥️ but mine question is from where can i buy backdrops and flooring??

  14. Anna McGrew says:

    Did you take out any loans?

  15. paul bolton says:

    Do you find its worthwhile financially.? Also are you Dutch? if so how come you got such an American Accent.?

  16. I know this video was 4 months ago, but I really appreciate all of your videos! Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. Linda Fenna Gracias por tu testimonio muchos exitos.

  18. mannotje says:

    Hee Fenna, wat een inspirerende video’s!! Wat voor opleidingen heb je gevolgd tot nu? Je basis en je newborn? Ben erg benieuwd🤗

  19. OBIOHA NMEZI says:

    Very detailed information. Thanks!

  20. Very nice video, I am starting my business just now, weddings and family portraits I have no problem with the wedding photography, but the family pictures is another story I am not aloud to put pictures in my website , Facebook or Instagram… do you have any advice?

  21. how much do u charge for a shot

  22. Kim Bauer says:

    Thank you for being so natural. I am so happy for you that your photography has grown. I think your photos are lovely. I wish you all the best! ❤️
    Thank you for your info as well. I too want to do what you're doing. I've been photographing since a kid. It's in my blood but now I want take it a notch serious.

  23. you are a pro and very thought after person. great video!

  24. Martin Matok says:

    A very good video, thank for sharing information. I’m very happy, that I’m found your tutorial.

  25. Thank you so much for sharing! These are amazing tips.
    I'm new to photography but I have come to have a passion for it.

  26. Petra says:

    Hi from Australia – I love your studio space and can see that growth happens over time and to be patient 🙂

  27. Thank you for sharing!! I’m just starting out and it’s so nice to hear what you started with. I have basically the same equipment just the canon versions and have really been questioning if I can actually do this with what I have. My plan was to upgrade as I earn but have been so unsure of myself so it’s really nice to see where you are now compared to where you started. Love your videos and your pictures!

  28. Where did you buy the leaves that you showed in the beginning of the video?? Love those!!!

  29. You are amazing and born to do this! You're my Guru lol. You and your family are beautiful. Much love from the US

  30. Working hard brings wonderful rewards this is why you are who you are today and where you are today…:)

  31. Kaleigh J says:

    Hey I’m new here love your channel have you ever done a studio tour if not I would love to see one thanks

  32. Hi Fenna. I started watching your videos about a month ago and it really has inspired me to want try cake smash. I guess you could say I'm just starting out to really want to become a photographer. I take A lot of maternity pictures, save the date pictures for weddings, Proms and even sweet 16s. I've even done portraits and a lot of children family photos. Though I never took a class or went to school for it. I'm wondering if you started that way. But anyway, My sons first birthday is in October very close to Halloween. I would like to try my first cake smash with him. I wondered if you ever done a Halloween cake smash..Really I'm looking for any tips or pointers I could use. I have so many ideas but still trying to learn how to use all of my Equipment. I literally just started investing in myself so if you have any tips or lighting or anything really I would greatly appreciate them.

  33. Love this Fenna! So nice to see how you started and progressed on your journey. You are my inspiration as I’m a fledgling photographer 😊 I adore your clean fresh uncluttered style ……and you also keep my Ali express addiction well fed 😂 Keep up the good work and a big thank you from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️

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