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April 13, 2019
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Hey babies, so here is a little snippet from Gabriels newborn photoshoot. Let me know in the comments what you want to see next!

Here is the website of who I went to for the shoot also:



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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Gamu Mbudzi says:

    Baby fever , he’s literally the cutest 😍

  3. OMG how precious 😍🙊♥️

  4. Sarah says:

    Your lips are nasty

  5. Your lips look weird like a blow up balloon

  6. That was adorable 😍 I love how Aaliyah loves Gabriel!! 💜💜

  7. Lisa Bova says:

    Emilee some idiot is leaving comments that you cant stop for coffee. Can u tell them off

  8. Lisa Bova says:

    Can you show the hard parts like baby crying and night crying. Its refreshing to know were not alone

  9. Ellie Moore says:

    Your baby is so gorgeous omfg !😩😍😭

  10. Roxana S12 says:

    So cuteee❤️❤️❤️

  11. Remsbruh says:

    Omggggg he's so cuteeeeee I can't deal

  12. what camera do you use?

  13. Vuhhnessa12 says:

    I enojo your videos so much 🙈♥️

  14. Vuhhnessa12 says:

    The cutest! Aaliyah and her conversation is so precious 🥰
    And then baby is gorgeous! ♥️♥️

  15. damn smoking baby mumma! Gorgeous little babies 😘💞

  16. Ania 🌸 says:

    🙉 how does she do it… amazing

  17. Omg that video was fricken adorable such a cute baby 🙈💞

  18. Omg thee cutest little bubba I have seen . And aren't you looking great .

  19. RnB Family says:

    ❌small family from El Paso Texas!! We are starting our channel and would love the support!! Check out our new video ➡️

    Make sure to suscribe!🙏🏽 we have more and better content coming up!!

  20. LeslieMatee says:

    Where are your earrings from? LOVE them

  21. star says:

    I loved the entry!! How you talked for a bit then put your intro!!! 💜💜

  22. tori miller says:

    soooo cute! quick question though, have you done anything to your lips or are they natural?

  23. Anyone know where her sunglasses are from??

  24. What are your brand of sunnies love!!!!

  25. Gem Bets says:

    Wow he looked so relaxed I wish I could’ve done that for my 9 month old !!’n

  26. Could you PLEASE tell me the song/Melody that was in this sequence? 4:084:22 ? Please!

  27. Kiara Odisho says:

    Omg too cute!!! Love the sibling photo’s!! Did you guys get a family one taken?

  28. Sarah Bunce says:


  29. Idk why this made me cry. Babies are such a gift!

  30. he is the cutest thing everr

  31. The best baby photo session 😻 good morning intro was very cute 💁🏽👧🏼

  32. Ashlee White says:

    My heart!!! He’s so beautiful 😍

  33. How do photographers get the babies to pose like that?!? Omg so precious.

  34. maybe ur routine with little baby?!

  35. Wear are your sunnies from 😁 love them x

  36. tracy lee says:

    Why do you get your top lip over filled ? They would look so much better proportioned if they where not so huge

  37. Prilly03 says:

    Such beautiful images! Xo

  38. The cutest baby omg how adorable❤️❤️

  39. Carly H says:

    I love the way her little mind works and how she figures things out. Aaliyah is so cute.

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