From the Newborn Blooper Reel with Ana Brandt: When Babies Poop – at

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March 19, 2019
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March 20, 2019
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From the Newborn Blooper Reel with Ana Brandt: When Babies Poop – at

During a newborn session, babies often poop.. Ana Brandt wanted to get the shot because she knows babies often relax after pooping!

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  1. L.C Marie says:

    I want to slap the "DON'T MOVE!" B!¥©π. How rude to command her like that. That mother does not look happy with you guys saying that. Maybe, instead, give her the choice of continuing with the shoot or not. Instead of being money hungry. Sorry, I know you guys are professional photographers, but that's NOT being professional. And saying "babies relax after pooping," really, is that the reason!? And I hope you guys reimbursed her for her dress and shoes. But I doubt it. I loved your work but this video irritates me.

  2. AWlpsSHOW36 says:

    I'm surprised with how calm the mother is! Even when her beautiful dress got messy!
    I probably would've flipped out and ran to the bathroom!

  3. MollyTorsvik says:

    you really should send this video to america funniest home video

  4. He is adorable 😂😂

  5. nutella jar says:


  6. James Ash says:

    Who's filming, Darth Vader?

  7. Awwww but how could a new born baby that small poop somthing bigger then the baby

  8. EXOL ARMY says:

    I like babies, like other ppls babies and giving them back cuz ew

  9. Jess Chan says:

    Who knew being a photographer was such a messy job.

  10. Kendra Lee says:

    The baby is so cute 😍😍

  11. Thank you for this real backstage. I don't have child, but now really knows what can be happens on shooting in real! ❤️

  12. Miss lisa zw says:

    love the way baby just stays fast asleep .

  13. Jay says:

    Ana you deal with the situation like a champ!!!

  14. This is what really happens behind the scenes! Lol! But pee nor poo will stop you from getting that shot! Great work Ana!

  15. OMG , but I like how you deal with the situation your good

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