Backlit newborn photography tutorial || Part 3 of 3 Newborn Photography Education – at

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June 16, 2019
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June 18, 2019
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Backlit newborn photography tutorial || Part 3 of 3 Newborn Photography Education – at

This video shows you the steps taken to pose a newborn from wide awake to soothing back to sleep, wrapping and finally posing them. Watch the wrapping for transitions newborn photography tutorial and Also learn the angles of shooting an image backlit!

Newborn Photography is a passion of mine, and I’m hoping that these tutorials help and assist you in learning these different techniques!

This industry is filled with things that you must purchase in order to succeed. It’s always nice to get a helping hand to figure some things out, without having to break the bank.

Please note that I am using the Dog bed, instead of a bean bag for posing. Here is the links for everything:

Equipment used:
Einstein from Paul C. Buff

Soft Box:


**this stand is flimsy, but it’s good because the legs go flat, allowing it to bring the light closer to the ground.

Dog Bed:

Posing Beans:

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  1. Gina Duff says:

    Thank you for sucking sound tips 🙂

  2. Watching this video after a heavy lunch – the shusher is putting me to sleep. LOL….Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you, your work amazing

  4. Very helpful video…can you please tell me what light you are using…it looks to be lit but also flashes – do you have two lights?

  5. Ahlam Saeed says:

    Thank you very much this was very helpful

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