4 Popular Ways to Show Off Maternity Photography

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March 19, 2019
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4 Popular Ways to Show Off Maternity Photography

After you’ve gone in for your maternity session, it’s time to show off all your favorite photos. Here are some of the ways to make sure your friends get a chance to enjoy your photos too.

Wall Prints
If you can’t wait to start hanging pictures of the new baby in the nursery, a maternity portrait is a great way to hold you over until you can get in for newborn pictures. Another great place to put a large wall print is in the master bedroom. If you’re really excited about the images you got from your session, you may even consider filling space on a wall in the living room or another main area of the house.

Albums are perfect for displaying images with style. Custom designed books set the mood and tell a story about your pregnancy. A book is also nice because you can pick only the images that you want to use. If you’re not into digital albums, you can still go basic with a classic slide-in photo album, and you’ll still have a nice way to show off your favorite images.

Flipbooks are a nice way to be able to put all your pregnancy portraits in a single book to show off at work or to family. With a bound book of photos, it’s easy to toss in your purse to carry around wherever you go. If you like too many images to choose just a few, this would be a good option for you.

If you blog or Facebook a lot, you can bet that you’ll have people expecting to see some of the photos from your session online. Many photographers sell a downsized version of your pictures that you can use to share over email or social networks. It’s also pretty common for photographers to put your images in a password protected gallery for easy viewing and ordering.

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